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Jen is the Owner and Director of Pole Dancing at Trick Fitness.

Jen has been a part of and involved in the Pole Dancing Industry since 2006. Jen has also been a part of the competitive Pole industry; she has represented ACT and Trick Fitness in Miss Pole Dance Australia and a number of other international Pole Competitions. Jen is an Elite Pole Instructor who has trained with and competed alongside some of the world’s best Pole dancers. Jen is an experienced choreographer whose routines have won her students amateur, state and national titles.

Jen is also very passionate about her students being able to complete at all levels. Jen and Trick Fitness are the proud presenters of Miss Pole Dance ACT and have been running the competition in Canberra since 2013. Since discovering her passion for organising and seeing her students passion on stage Jen has also now created two more amateur competitions. Miss Summer Trick Star that has been running successfully since 2013. Poison Ivy is the newest member of our Pole Comp family which makes its debut this year (2015) in March.

Jen originated from an extensive Gymnastic background including training at the AIS. She has also had training in the Ariel Dance industry using Ariel Ring, Tissue and doing Acrobatics. Jen has a strong passion for Pole Dancing, Extreme Tricks and the determination to share Pole Dancing with the world.

When Jen is not in the studio working on Tricks, floor work, acro or handstands, she can be found at home spending time with her beautiful son.


Jen's competitive achievements so far include:

  • Winner – Floor Play 2015 Semi Pro
  • 2nd Place Miss Pole ACT 2011
  • Most Athletic performer - Australian Capital Pole Champhionships 2011
  • 2nd Place Miss Pole ACT 2009
  • 2nd Place Miss Pole ACT 2008
  • Finalist Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
  • Crowd Favourtie Miss Pole ACT 2007


Trick (as a studio) Competivite achievements (Under Jen's choreography) so far include:

  • Finalist - Pole Games 2016
  • 5th Place - Pole Games 2014
  • Winner - Pole Wars - Australian Capital Pole Champhionships 2011





After moving to Canberra in April 2013 for work and not knowing a single person I quickly realised imaginary friends were only cool in year 2. I started pole dancing classes at Trick Fitness only a few weeks after moving and can now proudly say I have not only made many friends here but now have a second family. Trick Fitness provides a supportive and fun environment for all levels of dancers. For myself having limited background in dancing they accepted me with open arms and challenged me to become a better dancer and enhanced my strengths and developed my weaknesses (Still working on my flexed feet, but I like to think I’m just being contemporary).

In July 2013 I was asked to be an instructor, something which completely took me by surprise, but an opportunity I was not going to turn down. Since becoming an instructor my love for Pole Dancing has only increased and I love seeing girls improve week by week.
Pole Dancing is not something that comes easy to me after having a spinal fusion at the age of 16 which resulted in the implantation of a rod and 5 screws in my Spine. My back flexibility is limited but Jenny has never allowed me to make excuses and as a result I have achieved far more goals and milestones than I ever thought possible and I could not be more grateful for her support in helping me do this. I was named a finalist in Pole Theatre 2014 for the category Pole Comedy amongst many other well renowned Dancers.

I may not be the most graceful, flexible or the strongest girl on a pole but what I lack in these departments I make up for in booty. I pride myself on shaking, twerking and popping and often use these techniques to distract people from my flexed feet. (May also be a good distraction in other situations). Booty Classes will be commencing with me in 2015 and I suggest you sign up! Who knows when you will need a distraction to get you out of a sticky situation….. I might just save your life.

Zoe's competitive achievements so far include:

  • 3rd Place Miss Pole Dance ACT 2015
  • CANCUT Sponsours Choice - Miss Pole Dance ACT 2015
  • Finalist - Pole Theatre Sydney 2015
  • 2nd Place Miss Summer Trick Star 2014
  • Finalist - Pole Theatre Sydney 2014
  • Finalist - Miss Pole Dance ACT 2014




Su started pole dancing at Trick Fitness in January 2012 after wanting to try something different to keep fit. With a background in competitive swimming, she quickly became fascinated with the strength and flexibility that came with pole dancing. She loves that pole dancing provides an all over body workout whilst being lots of fun!

Su loves challenging herself to learn new tricks and routines and now that she is able to do the splits, loves working on her flexibility. She also loves that she has had the opportunity to make so many new friends and meet so many wonderful people.

Su started training to become an instructor in March 2015. She enjoys the intense workouts of each class and loves watching her students become stronger and more flexible each week.




Melissa started pole dancing with a friend in 2010. Shortly after joining she moved to New Zealand to further her studies. She was able to keep pole dancing and used it as a way to keep fit and meet new people in a new country! At the end of 2012 Melissa moved back to Canberra where she decided her focus was on tricks only. In 2014 she started at Trick Fitness as a student wanting to improve her dance and perfect all the tricks she had learnt but not executed with control.

Before Melissa started pole dancing she was an avid indoor and outdoor rock climber. She represented her state regularly at national competitions and was able to represent Australia in 2009 and 2010 at the World Championships. The strength from climbing helped her progress through the levels of pole dancing.

Mel's competitive achievements so far include:

  • Finalist - Miss Pole Dance ACT 2015
  • Finalist - Miss Summer Trick Star 2014