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Pole Dancing Classes

Beginners @ Trick

(1 hour) An introduction to pole dancing, these classes are designed to introduce students to the “pole”; you will learn a number of basic Tricks and will combine them into a short routine. This class will also focus on building your body and core strength along with your flexibility and is a great cardio work out, come experience the fun and excitement of pole dancing at Trick Fitness!

Beginners Extension @ Trick

(1 hour) This is the level you spend your time reviewing your beginners Trick’s and extending them just that little more to help you build your strength. This class is designed for the ladies that would like to spend a little time working on inverting and gaining the strength to get your feet to the pole. This is your chance to concentrate on this and nailing the finer details of the beginners Trick’s before moving up.

Prep Intermediate @ Trick

(1 hour) In this level we will help you prepare to step up to become intermediate; we will concentrate on your basic invert and becoming confident within yourself to do this without a spotter. We will also continue with the moves and Trick’s that you have learnt in beginners and start introducing weight bearing Trick’s to make it that little harder while continuing to work on your strength and flexibility.

Intermediate @ Trick

(1 hour) Let’s get Trickier! In our Intermediate classes we will revise pole skills already gained in previous terms and build on them with slightly more complex Trick combinations and also start getting comfortable with inverting on the pole. This again will build on our body and core strength and also flexibility.

Prep Advanced @ Trick

(1 hour) As you are now confident with inverting and have a number of inverting Trick’s nailed, we will continue with this and start to concentrate on your flexibility and working towards some of the more flexible Trick’s. We are also now at a level where we will be looking at combining three and four Trick’s in one combination.

Advanced @ Trick

(1 hour) Ok now you’re a Trick Star! In our advanced classes you will take your Tricks to the next level and will spend most of your time off the ground and upside down. These classes are very physical and require a lot of strength. In this class we will also review Tricks you have learnt in previous classes and concentrate on joining your Tricks together and turning them into combinations.

Elite Masters @ Trick

(1 hours) This is an Exclusive, invite only class open to girls who like to take “Pole Tricks” to the extreme! You will learn new mind-blowing complex combinations and gravity defying Tricks. This is the class for girls that enjoy the competitive side of pole dancing by taking your “Pole Tricks” to the next level using our new and innovative training methods for extreme strength and flexibility.

Strength and Stretch @ Trick

(1 hour)

Strength and Stretch is a class specifically designed for you to build your strength and flexibility for pole. The first 30mins is a short, intense (but fun) strength workout, each week focusing on a different muscle group. The last 30mins will be stretch focusing on techniques to get your splits but also mixing it up with some back and shoulder stretches. This class is open to all levels of strength and flexibility from total beginners with no experience in either, to the more advanced ladies and gents. 

Stretch @ Trick

(1 hour)

Have you always wanted to do the splits or just get more flexi? Then this is the class for you! In this class you will learn the basic foundations to work towards getting your splits and for the more advanced students, to continue towards over-splits. You will also get to stretch those often forgotten parts of the body such as your shoulders and back. Classes will be made up of a combination of individual and partner stretching to ensure you get the most out of each stretch. This class is open to all levels and you will learn safe techniques so you can continue to stretch at home when you are not in the studio. Remember, flexibility takes time and patience, the more you stretch the more progress you will see and feel!

Bums N Tums @ Trick

( 30mins ) A short, intense but fun class focusing on... you guessed it, bums and tums! Each class you will do a variety of exercises aimed at toning and strengthening those glutes and abs. Open to levels.

Aerial Hoop @ Trick

(1 hour) Aerial hoop is a 6 week term where you learn tricks and combos. The class is open to all levels and the tricks taught in these classes work on your strength, flexibility and balance. It is a great way to get strong hand grip for pole dancing and have fun.

Booty Bounce @ Trick

(1 hour) 6 week term with a choreographed booty routine, using a combination of floor work and upright moves! No need for any previous pole or dance experience. In this class you will learn how to shake, pop and isolate your booty and hips!! Fun class, great workout and guaranteed to make your booty burn!!

Exotic Floor Work @ Trick

(1 hour) Exotic Floor work is a 6 week class that will give you technique and ideas to incorporate into your pole dancing/ hoop routines, you will learn various movements and how to transition between them smoothly with flow whilst putting them with music. Floor work is an essential part of any performance and using an exotic style just makes it a little more fun and can always be transitioned into other styles. Wear your high heels and feel good whilst learning the art of floor work and improving your strength and flexibility. All levels will benefit from this class all the way from beginner right through to elite!

Handstands @ Trick

(1 hour) Learn the basics of hand balancing, including balance techniques, head stands, forearm stands, handstands and contortion handstands. This class is excellent for building core strength and developing balance. You will notice improvements in your pole too! Some of the balances we do will be against the wall, against the pole, and eventually, free-standing. All levels, even if you have never done a handstand, from complete Beginner to Elite. You go at your own pace in this class.

Just Tricks @ Trick

(1 hour)

The name of the class says it all, it is just tricks! Open to levels from Prep-Intermediate to Prep-Advanced, over a 6 week term you will learn a variety of tricks, transitions and combos. You will be shown the different levels to each trick as you aim to work your way through each level of difficulty. The tricks you learn in this class will assist you should you decide to create a routine to perform at showcase and compete or if you are someone who just wants to learn tricks tricks and more tricks!

Otherside @ Trick

(1 hour) Have you ever said “Oh I am unable to do that cause it is on my other side?” In this class it is open to all level’s you will work on your other side. What you are learning in class you will be working on in this session just on the other side. This is at your own pace (With an instructor push) this session is open to Prep Intermediate and above.

Pole Passion @ Trick

(Beginners – Casual min 6 people - 1 hour) This session is on a book-in casual basis. You will arrive to a glass of bubbly, a fun way to start your girl’s night out! You will learn basic pole Tricks incorporated into a routine that will be a split of pole dancing and lap dancing. Get dressed up, let your hair down and just have fun!

AEM Pole Passion @ Trick

(Advanced / Elite Masters - 1 hour) This session is designed for the ladies that have completed or currently enrolled in an Advanced or Elite Masters class. In this session you further learn how to link the Trickers moves and combinations; you will start to develop your own style to enhance your own routines. We base this session around a new routine every fortnight. The routine will incorporate your advanced moves and combinations; we will also include some chair work and lap dancing into the routines. These sessions will be a challenging cardio and strength work out.

Hen’s nights, Girls Nights and Parties @ Trick

(min 8 People - 1.5 hours) How about something a little different to start your night? Naughty but nice, fun and sexy, Trick’s atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. We will tailor our class plan to suit you and your group. You can learn short pole routine and lap dance depending on what you are after, you make the rules. Let Trick make your night one to remember.

Weekend Practice @ Trick

(1.5 hours) Now it’s time to practice. These are unstructured times for you to work on the Tricks you have not quite mastered yet. We also go over all class routines during this time. An instructor will be present at all times to help you with the finer details and will conduct the warm up, you are required to arrive at the start of the session so you are a part of the warm up, you may leave this session after you perform you own personal cold down. These sessions are free to all current students.

Open Practice @ Trick

(1 hour / 1.5hours) At Trick we have a number of sessions per week that are called 'Open Practice' to attend these time you must be a current student of the studio and you must book in each session. You can book in by contacting the studio either via email or facebook message. It is an additional cost to attend these sessions. Please check current timetable to see when the studio is open.  

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are available on request; we can structure the class to suit your needs, group sessions also available. Please contact the studio to book or for further details.

Trick Fitness Pole Dancing terms run for a period 6 weeks, each student will receive a spinning pole (we also have a number of lockable poles for the girls that prefer non-spinning), depending on which Pole Dancing class you book into they run for between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

Trick also runs special workshops and has special guest instructors at different times throughout the year. Don't forget to keep your eyes out for these dates in the studio!!!

All students entering at a level above beginners must have an assessment prior to starting classes at Trick.