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Struggling to see any progress from all those hard miles run and kilos lifted at the gym? You might need to go down the personal trainer route if you really want to unlock your full potential.

What can a personal trainer do for me?

At Trick Fitness, our personal trainers have a wealth of experience in working with clients with varying fitness goals and requirements. They are highly motivated and knowledgeable in all relevant fields, including exercise and nutrition, and can work with you to develop an in-depth fitness programme that helps you get the best out of your time with them. However, perhaps the most important attribute of a personal trainer is their ability to motivate. We all struggle to complete that last rep, or to finish that circuit, sometimes. Trick’s personal trainers will ensure you put in that extra effort – so listen to them, give it your all and you might even have a little fun!

What programmes do you offer?

Personal training in Gungahlin will be tailored to your own personal requirements. Whether you’re already into your fitness but are looking to change your lifestyle to improve yourself further, Trick can help. We’re also experts when it comes to rehabilitation from sports and work-related injuries, gradually helping you regain your fitness so you can return to the life you led before your injury.

How do you track my progress?

Your personal trainer will be there throughout every session and your entire fitness journey, recording times and PB’s to ensure you are working towards your goals, personal assessments will also take place at regular intervals.

How much does this cost?

We offer unlimited personal training from just $52 per week, but prices can differ depending on your packages. For more information, please contact us on 02 6288 0055.

Personal training in Gungahlin – the optimum way to obtain your fitness goals!

Give us a try today – it will be the best decision you ever make! Call us on the number above or get down to Trick in person and meet one or two of our personal trainers – they’ll be more than happy to show you around and discuss your needs with you.
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The Best Personal Training in Gungahlin

If you want to make faster and more impressive gains from your fitness regimen, the services of a personal trainer can make an incredible difference.

You probably don't even need us to tell you the best personal trainers in Gungahlin can be found at Trick Fitness. We are famous for the quality of our gym, the awesome equipment we have, and the even more awesome people who work with us.

You'll definitely find other Gungahlin personal trainers offering services, but you won't find better ones. That's because Trick Fitness made a conscious decision to corner the market in Gungahlin personal training, so we already went out and hired the best in the district.

The most fantastic part of all this is that even though we have the best personal training in Gungahlin, it doesn't cost a fortune to access it. In fact you can currently hire a personal trainer from as low as $54 per week from Trick Fitness.

Why Gungahlin Personal Trainers are Here to Help

A personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness objectives in many ways. They are not just people who enjoy working out and playing sport. They are professional coaches with university level training in anatomy, physiology, sports medicine and nutrition.

All of this knowledge, as well as experience in athletic and fitness training, makes them experts in personal coaching.

They can help you assess your current state of fitness. They can work with you to define training objectives. They can design fitness and nutrition programs for you. They can teach you proper exercise techniques. And they can give you the encouragement and motivation to reach your best.

Our Gungahlin Personal Training Classes are For Everyone

Generally speaking, the limits to what an individual can achieve are limits they unintentionally create for themselves. This can be due to past negative experiences, negative influences instilled by other people, or a combination of the two.

A personal trainer can help you see those limits are nothing more than illusions. In reality there are people with even quite severe physical disabilities who are able to achieve amazing things. 

Much of the time if you ask them how, they will say it became possible when they stopped listening to all the people telling them what they couldn't do. What precedes nearly every great accomplishment is the belief that it can be done.

In the book Failing Forward, author John C. Maxwell asks the question: "If the possibility of failure were erased, what would you attempt to achieve?" The profundity of this question may pass over the heads of some, but it cuts to the core of what separates failure from success, which quite simply is fear.

To be more specific, it is the fear of failing that prevents many people from trying. So if you don't have a fear of failing, it doesn't necessarily mean every attempt will be successful. It means you won't stop trying, because the fear of failing has no power over you any more.

Personal trainers can help us to see what we are truly capable of. They won't let us give in to fear of failing. They support us and motivate us by reminding us that we can do it. Just having somebody there who won't give up on you, no matter what, is an incredibly empowering feeling.

That is the essence of what personal trainers do – the empower us. Not because we lack power, but because we all too frequently forget that we have it.

Banish negativity for good with Personal Training in Gungahlin

The single most empowering thing you can do, and it's something you can do right now, is to promise yourself that you will never let anybody tell you what you can't do.

When somebody tells you that you're not good enough, it can be tough to ignore that message. They may have good intentions when trying to get you to "be realistic", but there is no way they can absolutely know what you are capable of.

Listening to people who don't know what they're talking about is not the most sensible thing to do. You are capable of achieving just about anything you set your mind to, and your personal trainer will help by keeping you focused on your objectives.

The art of choosing a personal trainer

Every personal trainer will have their own unique style, and that style will be adapted on a case by case basis to suit the needs of each client. After all, what would personal training be if it wasn't personally tailored?

What will help ensure you get the best out of your sessions is to provide your trainer with as much information about yourself as you can, and be completely honest. Remember your personal trainer is completely focused on helping you. They are going to be able to give you their best if you are really open with them.

A great personal trainer is not necessarily the one with the best physique or a celebrity athlete. What it takes to be a great trainer is excellent communication skills and an ability to feel empathy. On top of that, they should be knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you have, and be able to lead each session by example.

When choosing a personal trainer, and you don't necessarily have to stick with the first one you meet, you really want to find a person you feel a rapport with. If you can then give them 100 percent of your trust, it will pay off really well in terms of the results you get out of your sessions.

In Need of Personal Training Classes in Gungahlin? Trick fitness is the answer

For the best personal training in Gungahlin, come to where the best personal trainers in Gungahlin are working. Trick Fitness is the perfect place to work on your fitness and obtain guidance from expert fitness professionals.

Come and experience the difference from Trick Fitness today, and see why we are the most popular fitness centre in the ACT. You can get two free introductory trial gym sessions to give you the chance to evaluate our service and facilities, so you have nothing to lose by trying us.


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