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At Trick Fitness personal training gym in Gungahlin, we know all about what it takes to help you achieve your fitness goals – that’s why we were voted gym of the year in this Canberra suburb for 2015.

Our gym combines fresh, clean and vibrant facilities with an atmosphere and work ethic that encourages our members to train that little bit harder and lift that little bit extra.

Your goals – whether they’re fitness, weight loss/gain or strength-related – matter to us, which is why we’ve invested in the very best and latest equipment, to ensure everyone is covered.

Outside of the weights and fitness machines, we also run pole fitness classes. A fun and social way of exercising, these can open up new doorways in terms of meeting like-minded people – who knows, you might make a gym buddy for life!

Are you on your way back from a serious injury and not sure how to go about rehabilitation? Don’t worry – our personal trainers have a wealth of experience in the area of rehabilitation, and are well-versed in the need to gradually get you back to action through a variety of exercises, whether it’s through free weights, stability work or via the resistance machines.

Come in and meet our friendly staff and we think you’ll agree that our gym in Gungahlin is welcoming to all but, if you’re a newbie, the best thing is each time you train at Trick Fitness you have a trainer assisting you, ensuring your form and technique is correct, to ensure you receive the best results possible in the most safe way.

Trick Fitness – award-winning gym in Gungahlin

Slip on those trainers, grab a towel and get down to Trick today! We’ll give you a free tour and we offer memberships at competitive prices. You’ll soon realise what all the fuss is about!
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Why Are We The Best Gym in Gungahlin?

Want to try out the best gym in Gungahlin for free? Well now you can at Trick Fitness, the standout choice of gyms in Gungahlin.

Naturally it's not going to be free forever, but you can get your first two sessions as a free trial, and we are certain that once you've experienced the difference of working out in a first class fitness centre, you'll want to stay.

We established the best Gungahlin gym by following a smart strategy of investing in the highest quality personnel and equipment available. The result is flawlessly superior to any other gym in Gungahlin.

Our method of putting together the gym in this way allows our customers to more rapidly achieve their fitness goals, because they have top quality equipment for working out on, and access to excellent support and advice.

There are Many Gungahlin Gyms - Why Choose Us?

For those who wish to have extra support on their fitness journey, we have an outstanding team of personal trainers available to work with you. Your personal trainer will help you stay on track toward achieving your goals. Having a personal trainer can make a huge difference, and we have the best in the ACT.

Everyone can benefit from having a personal trainer, but those who are likely to find a personal trainer most helpful include:

Those who need extra motivation to help them break through barriers

Those who work their hardest but still don't see the expected gains

People in the latter category are more numerous than you'd think, but most of them never think of seeking help because they already feel motivated enough. The problem they are experiencing is they work hard, but lack the proper technique to make that hard work translate into the best results.

They will definitely see some improvement in their fitness, but when progress is slow it can be demoralising. Some people even give up because they start to think its not possible to improve. If only they realized a personal trainer could put them on the path to perfection, it would spare them a lot of frustration.

Fitness Classes & More at the Best Gym in Gungahlin

Pole dancing is a fairly recent addition to mainstream fitness centres, because of its association with adult entertainment and erotic art.

While pole dancing is always a graceful display of athleticism and flexibility, which is undeniably sexy, it does not necessarily follow that it must be connected to adult entertainment.

The reality is that pole dancing is great fun and provides a challenging full body workout in an enjoyable format, so it really doesn't feel like work. Having more options is what sets us apart from the typical Gungahlin gym. We have classes for beginners through to advanced level, and it's way easier than you probably expect.

Take advantage of our introductory offer of two free trial sessions, and see for yourself why Trick Fitness is the best choice.

Visit Our Gungahlin Gym & See For Yourself

Trick Fitness is the best health & fitness Centre in Canberra. We specialise in pole dancing classes in Canberra, pole dancing classes in Belconnen, Canberra personal training, Gungahlin personal training and Belconnen personal training.
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